Brazil – Paraty to Rio

Paraty to Rio is hardly worth a post as it’s quite easy but I want people to know every step of how to get around. 

So you go to the main bus station in Paraty and again, book with Costa Verde to get to Rio. It’s like 60R. So around 25$ Canadian. In peek seasons I would book ahead of time but there’s generally quite a few buses going each day. The bus ride is about 4 hours to rio and takes you to the main bus station in Rio, fro, there catch one of the yellow taxis out front the novo rio to where ever your staying (don’t go with any of the guys harassing you).
We got absolutely ripped off to get to our hostel, paid 50R and it was only 5kms away. But to be honest it was 10pm at night and we just wanted to get to our hostel. But on the way back to the novo rio to head to buzios we paid less than 20R. Although cab prices can depend on peak season, always try and get them to turn the metre on instead of doing a flat rate.
The ride from Paraty to Rio is gorgeous if you plan it during the day, I like to sleep on buses so I didn’t get to see too much but from what I saw it would be a nice bus ride to do during the day.

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