Deep Breathing from San Jose, Costa Rica

From Canada to Costa Rica

The past two days have been a huge reminder that sometimes things will not go your way, no matter how hard you try. I find sometimes I can be the type that no matter how many obstacles get thrown in my way – I am motoring on, so God help me! I’ve looked back in the past and wondered sometimes why I get it in my mind to be so inflexible. Maybe I just don’t want to give up on a challenge? Or maybe it’s more the semblance of control. Either way, sometimes it’s good to notice these things about yourself so you can have better control over your decisions instead of acting out blindly. Today I tried to practice that!

I would easily call myself a well experienced traveller. I usually have everything for my trip printed, checked, double checked, and printed again – you always need two of everything right? Even though I usually end up doing everything on my phone, ok – now we are back to that control thing again. This year I decided to plan a trip to Costa Rica and instead of embarking solo (as is the usual style), my parents and brother decided to join me – yay! I promise that’s not sarcastic. My parents are pretty rad and my brother is pretty. I also think he would benefit from seeing more of the world. So lets go! Do I know at some point (ok probably many times) in the next 6 weeks they’re going to drive me completely mad, oh ya! I’m not that naive. But this is how adventures are made, right?

So – December 9th arrives. We have a plan to be at my house in Uxbridge, Ontario by 2pm, get to the airport for 3:30pm  and catch our 6pm flight. My parents live a good 2 hours from me… Around 10am I get this weird feeling, so I check our flights and guess what?!?! No, Leasha you airhead, the flight is 16:40 – that is not 6:40 its 4:40….so we need to be at the sirport by 1:30pm. So I call my Mum with a lovely “hey yeaaa so don’t panic but you need to leave your house like within the next half hour”.

Don’t worry, we made it! This is us boarding – crisis averted!!!


Now onto San Jose, Costa Rica…where guess what – Dad grabs somebody elses bag at the airport and we don’t realize until we are back at the hotel. Thank goodness I booked us at the Hampton Inn Airport Hotel since our flight was getting in so late into the evening.  I’m really going to have to keep an eye on these guys eh?!

So he treks back to the airport but they can’t find his bag and say they aren’t even sure it boarded the flight. We relent and chalk it up to another mishap; looks like we have some shopping to do. Tomorrow morning (Dec 10th) we are going to be heading to Tortuguero which  requires two public buses and a boat. Lets get some sleep.

A Landslide in Costa Rica is No Joke

We wake up Decmber 10th and decide to try Uber instead of a cab. I have always found them to be way cheaper and it looks like we are in luck. Our Uber arrives and the guy is so so nice! Since Uber drivers work off of a rating system I always find them so much more pleasant than taxi drivers and its a bonus agreeing to the fee upfront. We head out, but the main bridge is closed so we have to do a huge detour, but I got to practice some spanish so I’m taking this one as a win. We get to the Gran Caribe  Bus terminal only to hear that there has been a huge landslide on the main highway (the only way to Tortuguero unless you’re down for a 6 hour rollercoaster ride). Our Uber is now gone at this point but we find a driver outside who is adament he can get us to Tortuguero by taking a different route, his pushiness works and we pile into his little car. Immediately his tires are rubbing on the car and the smell of burning rubber is out of this world but he will not give up – he wants to take us. We don’t want to give up either, but a couple good pot holes later and the realization that I better get comfortable with the smell of burning rubber – never mind if the tires are even going to make it – I decide to tell him we have changed our minds and ask him to bring us back to the Hampton Inn.

Now we are back to where we started and close to the airport so Dad decides to go check for his lost bag again and guess what?? You got it – it’s been found! Anybody that believes in the ‘things happen for a reason’ is just loving this right now.

Sitting back at the Hampton Inn going over options and searching about information on the landslide I find this picture,


Ok great, well it’s looking pretty clear to me that this landslide is going to take more than a couple guys with shovels and definitely won’t be gone for the morning bus. We have a flight out of Tortuguero on Dec 12th to La Fortuna that I really don’t want to give up so I guess flying there is the only option since we are already now a day behind. So I find a 6am flight and give my credit card a kiss and now we have new plans. Tomorrow we catch our flight to Tortuguero from San Jose.

Lets hope together that this is the last of our streak of trouble. I don’t drink when I travel but man this girl could use a Mojito.




4 thoughts on “Deep Breathing from San Jose, Costa Rica

  1. Marjie says:

    Sounds like fun so far. I’m not being sarcastic if all went as planned you wouldn’t have so much excitement. Your fam jam needs more excitement in their travels. You want them to do this again with you? I look forward to your next blog. 🐸
    Luv ya
    Auntie Marjie xoxo


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