Rio Celeste River/Waterfall

The Rio Celeste waterfall is:

From La Fortuna, we took Route 142 North out of La Fortuna, from there you take a left on Highway 4 (continuing North), you will then see signs for Parque Nacional Volcano Tenorio – Rio Celeste and you take a left. Entrance into the park is $10US, it’s an hour hike into the park to the river of Rio Celeste. Unfortunately the waterfall was closed when we were there (probably damage from the crazy weather they’d had), it was due to reopen December 16th. I would say it’s still worth it to go in even with the closure, the bright blue water from the two rivers meeting is amazing – but the smell, not so much. The sulfur from the volcano is so strong it can make your eyes water, click here for a video of the water bubbling up from the volcano.

The only down side is you can’t swim in the park. There was a sign I saw as we were coming in directing us to another area of the river so when we left we followed that just to see and it’s somebody’s house that backs onto the river. For 6USD its about a 25 minute walk down to the river and you can swim. Also as you are heading there (or leaving) you see the river many many times, the park just has nice pathways to view and information signs explaining why the river is so blue. It’s like anything, you can choose to go to well maintained areas, which are likely more restricted or you can take your chances at finding your own way there.

On the way back to La Fortuna Dad and his eagle eyes spotted a sloth on the side of the road. We parked the car, jumped out to watch him, he was trying to reach the branches on the tree but struggling so we brought them down to him. Sloths are just the calmest most zen creatures I think you can possibly meet. This one seemed to be an adolescent as he was pretty small, we were happy to lend him a helping hand. At one point he grabbed onto Dads finger and he said it was so tight he started to get concerned, as their claws are quite sharp!

Look at his little face! So cute, he made it into the trees and I hope he has a long life ahead of him. Click here for a video of him just being cute.

Off to Monteverde next!

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