Monteverde to Manuel Antonio

Monteverde to Manuel Antonio

We all think of planes, buses, taxis and most form of travel as a nuisance but I find I have reached a place where I enjoy the long bus rides and bumpy roads. I find some sort of zen in knowing I have no way for anybody to contact me for an extended amount of time, watching the scenery, listening to podcasts and watching the landscape change.

Monteverde to Puntarenas

We woke up early to catch a taxi from the Greemount Hotel to the bus station in Monteverde. From there we caught a bus from Monteverde to Puntarenas at 6am. Below is the schedule on the front of the bus station. The trip was almost 3 hours.

Puntarenas to Quepos

We were dropped off at an area that looks like a bus bay but then a young man told us to follow him to get to the us station heading to Quepos. Thank goodness for him, for anybody else, you walk from the drop off towards the water and take a right along the main road, then you take a right at the next road and you will come to a small road sign that says Quepos. In front of you is a bar called Copocabana (just for land marks sake, or if you have to type it into google maps.) You go into a small bus terminal to get your ticket. The bus ride from Puntarenas to Quepos was now another 3-3.5 hours, we caught it right at 9am, hardly anytime inbetween buses. They must wait for the bus from Monteverde or at least try and time it so you can catch it.

Quepos to Manuel Antonio

When you arrive in Quepos the bus pulls into a small area with a bunch of other buses, surrounded by a semi circle of small shops. You will see a sign on the front of one of the buses saying “Manuel Antonio”, you just pay for this bus as you are getting on, it was honestly like a couple hundred Costa Rican. The other two were maybe 1000-2000. Very cheap. I would say the entire trip cost us maybe $5-7USD. You can get off the bus in Manuel Antonio in a variety of places by just letting the bus driver know. I would say having something booked or at least an idea of where you want to go, have it up on google maps and then follow the gps until you’re close to that area. BUT if you screw up, the bus just goes down to Manuel Antonio Park and turns around so you can easily catch it heading the other way.

Despite having to catch 3 different buses and the travel time being around 7-8 hours, things went flawlessly arriving in Manuel Antonio.

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