If you’re looking for a town that you can feel you could live in, stay entertained, eat yummy food, surf, watch great sunsets, party, or relax if you want – Tamarindo is for you. If mornings aren’t your thing you’re also in luck, the sunsets way outrank the sunrises here. You can get an amazing view of the sunset from the main beach, head down easily from anywhere you are staying, the beach will have people out fishing off the shore with a couple fish in their belt, surfers catching waves, sail boats in the distance, parents with kids making sand castles, people offering you drugs, it seems to have a little bit of everything all in one place. Haha. One extreme to the next. It’s crawling with surfers as the waves even on the main beach vary in size, making it a great beach to learn how to surf.

On the South side of the beach there is a river that goes into the ocean where you can take a small boat across. There’s pretty huge crocodiles in there and attacks have happened, never out in the ocean but from people trying to swim across the river.

We stayed at Tamarindo Backpackers, yes the family stayed in a hostel! Not only did we do that but we stayed in a 16 bed dorm! It was a great little hostel, very welcoming, relaxing, not a party hostel – although the option is there if you want to party. Pool. Lots of great things.

We stayed there two nights, December 23rd and 24th which was a Friday and Saturday. On the Saturday there was the cutest little market down by the beach that runs every week. Hand crafted stuff, spices, food, chocolate, and lots more. I got a necklace that you put essential oils in and I love it. Also bought some spices, looking forward to using them.

As for partying, a place called Crazy Monkey was the spot on Friday night and then Pacifico on the Saturday night. A couple nice places to eat are, in the mornings a little place called Princessa in the middle of town. She makes huge breakfast sandwiches and her smoked salmon bagels are to die for. For lunch or dinner there’s a place called Green Papaya, it was some of the best fish tacos I have ever had. Honestly, so good. A tad pricey but worth it.

Heading off to San Juan Del Sur until December 28th

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