Olive Ridley Turtles at Playa La Flor

Playa La Flor

Olive Ridley Turtles

Somedays guys, somedays are just so friggin amazing! Today was one of those days, one of the days that makes all the heardship you go through travelling so beyond worth it.

Today we rented a side by side and decided to tour some beaches South of San Juan Del Sur. We decided to go to a beach called Playa La Flor, knowing that it’s known for sea turtles we thought maybe we could go snorkelling and see some out in the bay.

Were we ever up for a surprise! We went snorkelling but it was too murky so Mum and I went back and layed on the beach reading. Then around 3pm I decided to go for a walk and came across about 50 sea turtles hatching! What!! Click here for a video of me discovering the first clutch.

And it was off to the races from there, they started popping up everywhere. Here’s a video of them dashing to sea. And then….the birds came, vultures picking them off. So we got to work helping them get to sea! Here is a video of me releasing them into the sea.

At one point some locals started digging up nests and taking the eggs, we weren’t sure what to do but luckily there are guards patrolling the beach and the people took off. Unfortunately they did get some and the guard explained that they sell the eggs and they have to constantly be watching the beach. From there he helped us find more hatching and explained we should keep them all together until the sun goes down as it is harder for the birds to see them in the water. Click here for a video of me talking about everything. Click here for a vide of a huge clutch hatching.

I can’t believe that we were just able to help him and have this amazing experience. He seemed happy to have the help getting the turtles to sea, the birds just wait and can take out an entire clutch. Olive Ridley Turtles are under vulnerable, which is just one away from endangered. So happy to have helped as many as we could get to the sea. Click here to see just how happy!

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