Annual Women in the Turf Industry Event

Annual Women in the Turf Industry Event

In the wake of the GCI Magazine article its been inspiring and interesting reading peoples thoughts and opinions on women in the turf industry. How they should be treated, how we should encourage them and the big questions – how to move forward. That’s really where it all stands doesn’t it, it’s great to write an article and get people talking but unless we spring some action its all for not. Change doesn’t just happen, we have to decide how to make it happen.

So what do we do? What do women in the turf industry feel like would benefit them? Mentors? Motivation? Knowledge? Guidance?

As I expressed lightly in my article, I don’t think all the onus is on the men for women not thriving in this industry. I think women can easily lose their way, can decide to act tough and abrasive to try and gain control or respect, ladies I’m telling you – it doesn’t work. Been there, done that. Negativity is negativity no matter which way you spin in, and nobody wants to be around negativity. We aren’t men, we have different things to offer, and different ways of getting there and that’s ok. It’s known that women can be the hardest on each other, it’s like we know how hard we worked to get to where we are and we want everybody else to have to work just as hard. Why though? Can’t we just let it go? I worked hard to get where I am, sure. I had a lot of uncomfortable situations, hell yea. But why can’t I set the stage so that another women doesn’t have to go through that? So she can focus on being the best professional grass grower she can be, knowing she has support.

This is the spell I want to break. It’s not the only issue women face but I think it’s one I can picture a pathway on how to make progress. I want women in the turf industry to know each other. To know each other’s stories and to realize they have a community behind them. I think its when women feel alone and like they can’t reach out that they leave the industry. You never know, having a small group could also create a platform to educate young women on the possibilities of a career in turf.

You probably would think we could have sought each other out anyways, but its hard to approach another woman in a sea of 500 men. I don’t even know why, I just know I feel a hesitation. If we have a woman’s only event, all that pressure goes away. Maybe also we can have a way for women to write down what exactly they want. That’s what I’m hoping, I’d like to know what each of these women feels like would help them – and then figure out how to make that happen.

This woman’s event is happening at GIS this year ladies and gentlemen and I am so excited to make this step. More details to come, soon, I promise! To start things off, here is a picture of me and the lovely Jennifer Pendrith at the Syngenta Super University Event. First time ever there was two women in the class. Love it!!


4 thoughts on “Annual Women in the Turf Industry Event

  1. Jennifer Torres says:

    I would love to be a part of this event. We as women need to band together to make it better for the future of our industry. Please keep us all informed on time and date in San Antonio.


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